We provide a wide range of medical services to ensure that all aspects of your health are cared for. Some of the main services we offer are below:

Family Health Care

Complete Medical treatment and management provided for all your family members. You can have confidence we will listen to your concerns and provide excellent care to all.

Chronic Disease Management

The doctors and staff at Redicare Medical Centre provide support to all patients with chronic diseases. Self-management strategies are encouraged where possible. Referrals can be provided to Allied Health services to help manage your conditions.

Diabetes Management

Redicare Medical Centre has a strong focus on diabetes prevention and care. Patients over 40 years are encouraged to take the diabetes risk assessment tool. If diabetes is not present patients are offered the opportunity to work on their risk factors. Where diabetes is present patients are supported to develop self-management strategies with the support of allied health services.          

Senior Care

Patients aged 75 and over are encouraged to participate in a free annual health assessment which includes an appointment  with the practice nurse. The aim of this service is to assist people in this age group to continue living independently with the best possible quality of life. Where additional services may be of assistance the practice nurse will arrange appropriate referrals.

Men’s Health
Men can feel confident to speak with our doctors. We can assist with management of men’s health issues including mental health challenges, sexual health issues for example erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate health check-ups

Prevention is better than cure, consider a full health check up.

Childhood Immunisation

Redicare Medical Centre can provide all your childhood immunisations.

Asthma/Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Redicare Medical Centre doctors can provide Asthma management and action plans, provide treatment for prevention and relief of Asthma symptoms.


Heart Disease Management

Consider a healthy heart check for early detection of heart disease and lifestyle advice to minimise your risks.

Mental Health Care And Management

Management of anxiety, depression, mental health care plans and referrals to psychologists. Book a longer appointment for your mental health plan.

Refugee Health Assessments

A refugee health assessment is available for children, adolescents and adults from a refugee background, including people seeking asylum. Interpreter services can be arranged upon request.

Minor Surgical Procedures

Our doctors are skilled at all minor surgical procedures including mole, cyst removals, wedge resection of toe nails.

Skin And Mole Check

Redicare Medical centre can provide skin checks with Dermoscopy available to diagnose skin cancer and other skin lesions. We can perform Biopsies for any lesions of concern and also have Cryotherapy for skin keratosis, warts and other skin conditions.

Ear Irrigation

Available for safe removal of built up ear wax and foreign body removals.

Wound Management

Redicare Medical team can provide all types of Chronic and Acute wound care, suturing of cuts and lacerations, work site injuries management of leg ulcers.

Contraceptive Advise

Our doctors can provide family planning and contraception advise.  Our doctors can perform Implanon insertion and removals.

Pregnancy Test

Urine and blood pregnancy tests are available.

Antenatal Care

Our doctors can provide antenatal care, ordering your blood tests and referrals for all your antenatal needs.

Woman’s Health

Our female GP can provide management of women’s health including pap smear, implanon and Mirena insertion. Please book your appointment in the designated women’s clinic.

Occupational Assessments and Drivers Medical tests

Have your paperwork completed for Truck and Taxi driving medicals and Pre employment assessments . Booking essential as these take extra time to complete, contact our friendly staff  for explanation of fees and appointment times required.

Closing the Gap

Redicare Medical Centre is participating in the Closing the Gap program. The program aims to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians better manage their health.

Weight Loss Strategies

It’s important to speak with your GP before starting any weight loss program. This is especially important if you take any form of prescription medicine or if you have a pre-existing condition. Your GP knows your medical history and can discuss suitable weight loss strategies or recommend an accredited practising dietitian.